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The Salvadori Real Estate operates in Cascina since 1995. Alessandro Salvadori, owner of the agency in sales since 1980, has specialized in residential and commercial real estate branch, over the past four decades by promoting the sale of residential properties, commercial and activities of various kinds.

Always the Salvadori Real Estate associates to their work the owner's name and his image, putting the "face", in addition to the professionalism and commitment in carrying out activities.

The Alessandro Salvadori's experience in real estate has allowed the registration in the register of expert experts in estimates and valuations of properties of the Chamber of Commerce of Pisa number 286. This experience has always kindly made available to the customer it can thus receive advice related to trades, mortgages, legal, fiscal and techniques relating to the management of properties.

The Salvadori Real Estete specializes in the sale and in the rent of houses, apartments, townhouses, villas and cottages especially in the municipality of Cascina and neighboring areas.

Why refer to the real estate Salvadori?

Simply because we really listen your desires and turn them into reality, we think about all the problems and leaving customers carefree necessary to choose their own home.

Gianmarco Salvadori

Graduated in accounting and expert in computer programming, he obtains the qualification as a real estate agent and specializes in the field of leases and problem solving inherent to this activity, both in the residential, commercial and artisan sectors. His task is to find the most suitable solution for each customer accompanying him in the path of the choice of the property and the type of contract, until you reach the completion of agreements with the owner, who are proposed the best tax and bureaucratic solutions, thus making the tenant-owner relationship strong right from the start and assisting them also in transfers and connections of utilities. It also deals with the registration of contracts and the resolution of legal formalities related to them.

Architect Noemi Della Corte

Graduated in Magisterial Architecture at the Faculty of Architecture in Florence in 2014, she started independently in 2016, performing projects and following construction works, in particular specializing in renovations and improving the energy efficiency of buildings. Very attentive to the resolution of the problems of construction, the quality of materials and the use of the most suitable technologies, without losing sight of the distributive character of the space, an essential element to make the environment to be pleasant and harmonious and the constructive characteristics of the building, which make it unique in its state of being.

Technical advice directly in your REAL ESTATE AGENCY
The presence of the Architect in the Salvadori Real Estate Agency makes the experience of buying a more complete and serene home, as the studio offers a technical consultancy that varies from the pre-planning phase (with urban planning, feasibility study, and general projects). economic plans), so as to help the client to understand how to transform a property obtaining the best from all its potential and make the appropriate economic assessments, to the control phase on the urban and cadastral compliance of the building to assist the client at the time of buying and selling, in order to make sure purchases, up to the design phase (direct survey, design choice, insertion in context, detailed estimate), as well as a series of additional services ranging from land registry practices, energy certification, study of energy efficiency of buildings with hypothesis of intervention, estimates of buildings, topographic surveys and calculation of str utilization, also with the collaboration of external technicians.

Design and construction supervision
After the purchase of the property, the Projects are studied directly with the client, who can express his desires by entrusting them to the architect's creativity, who after listening to them carefully, can transform them into an exciting reality, analyzing and combining together , colors, materials, spaces, technologies and everything that interests the project. The works will be followed also during the construction phases, directly on site and with the collaboration and comparison with the various companies that realize the construction, helping to improve the execution phase.