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"It is not the man to own the house, but the house that owns the man" (H. D. Thoreau)

Most of us have dreams of owning a house or, probably no one feels possessed from home, but if we reflect on the sense of warmth and security that our house there gives, if we think the sadness we feel when we are away from home and pleasant memories or sad, that every corner of our house evokes, we can not but be in agreement with the American naturalist above.

The house is not only concrete and iron bricks, but much more: it is the home of our family, is the place where we feel protected and pampered by the suffering and safety. Seeing things from this point of view the choice of a home involves more than just a relationship between square meters and cost per unit; It goes beyond the proximity to the workplace or the services, therefore the parameters to be considered in a purchase are also emotional and sentimental.

Buying a house should be the realization of a dream, not the materialization of a nightmare! Who agrees with me on this point also agree that there is the need to contact a professional: real estate agent registered for the role who can go beyond our portfolio and our needs; willing to listen and recognize other aspects relating to the sale ... someone to grab us by the hand and lead us to the flood of technical and financial legal requirements, leaving us to concentrate on the emotional aspects and even invites us to palesarli order directing the appropriate way to see the realization of our expectations.

Alessandro Salvadori is one of those professionals who combine many years of experience, proven expertise also a little bit of heart, to meet with diligence cognition problems of the sale, mortgage or legal requirements; but with a loving eye also addressed to people and their feelings. Under the aegis of these principles did the Salvadori Real Estate distinguishing itself from the masses even for sentiment.

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